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welcome to Chicago beyond

welcome to Chicago beyondwelcome to Chicago beyond


We are a national philanthropic organization that seeks to build a world in which every individual, regardless of zip code, has equitable access to opportunities.

  • Mission

    We address systemic inequity by backing solutions led by those closest to the issues.

  • What We Do

    We make strategic investments, lead national initiatives, and provide valuable insights to drive equitable change in philanthropy, justice, health, and beyond.

    Since our inception in 2016, Chicago Beyond has invested more than $65 million in over 200 individuals and organizations in support of our mission.

Explore Chicago Beyond

  • Investments

    Making catalytic investments to increase the impact of solutions led by those closest to the issues

  • Initiatives

    Leading national initiatives in partnership with diverse changemakers to challenge and reshape the status quo

  • Insights

    Sharing insights to disrupt and reimagine “systems as usual” and drive equitable funding, practices, and policies​

Our Philosophy

  • Noticing differently by
    • Deepening our understanding of social challenges, root causes, and sources of strength 
    • Prioritizing proximity in evaluating who we choose to invest in 
    • Increasing the value that we assign to learning and iteration
  • Relating differently by
    • Establishing more equitable power dynamics in inherently inequitable systems 
    • Cultivating meaningful relationships built on reciprocity and mutual respect 
    • Taking intentional actions to support the health and wellness of our partners
  • Working differently by
    • Simplifying grantmaking processes to reduce administrative burden for partners
    • Making flexible, catalytic investments paired with strategic supports beyond funding
    • Leveraging diverse data to better understand our work’s impact on human lives


We are an agile, ambitious team with diverse experience across various sectors. We thrive on challenging each other and continuously learning, united by our passion for equity and lasting impact.

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